Floral + Leather


WARNING! White wall post ahead! These pictures took me back to my college days when I thought it was cute to take outfit pictures in front of a bare white wall. Yikes! Guess I’m guilty again!

I came across these outfit pictures that I took a couple weeks ago when I was meeting some girlfriends for a fun night out. As many of you know, I am new to Chicago and love every opportunity to meet new people. I have been very blessed with all the new people that I have met and how welcoming they are. When you’re the new girl in town, it can be hard especially when you don’t know anyone. It’s important to always remain positive and keep putting yourself out there. Slowly, but surely, you will have a group of girlfriends of your own that you can call up on a random Thursday for a girls night out.

Now, on to the style! I wore some floral trousers that have tuxedo stripes going down on the side of the pants. I’ve been loving the slouchy lounge-style pants trend. They are comfy and can be worn casually or sophisticated depending on how you style it. I chose to dress it up by pairing it with a faux leather peplum  and some strappy heels for more of an edgy look.

Pants: Vince Camuto via Nordstrom // Similar 1 // Similar 2 | Top: Moon Collection via ModCloth // Similar 1 // Shoes: Trouve via Nordstrom






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