Perricone MD ‘No MakeUp Skincare Collection’ Review + Tutorial

Aloha! During my trip to Hawaii, I found myself constantly wearing the same makeup look. I thought it would be fun to share that look with all of you! In a tropical place like Hawaii, I do not like to wear a lot of makeup. Since I don’t want to leave my face bare,  I like using products that provide more of a natural look. I was able to find some great products that can help me achieve this look. The ‘No Makeup Skincare Collection’ by Perricone MD has some really great products that leave you looking like a naturally enhanced version of yourself! Along with the health benefits that they provide, they leave my face appearing flawless, youthful and very healthy.


The following products are included in the ‘No Makeup Skin Collection’ that I picked up at Sephora:


Face Finishing Moisturizer: I have been using this moisturizer as part of my morning and evening skin care routine applying it all over my face and neck. It is very hydrating and adds to a dewy complexion when applying the rest of the makeup products. It also does an excellent job in enhancing makeup application and wear.

No Foundation Foundation Serum: I found that using a foundation brush was the easiest way in applying this foundation. It is light to medium coverage and can be built up to your liking. Another important feature I like my foundation to contain is SPF. This foundation has a Broad Spectrum SPF 30. The color of the foundation blends extremely well into my skin while not adding additional color to my face.

No Blush Blush: The best way to apply is by patting with your finger or using a microfiber brush on the apples of your checks and then gently blending upwards. The blush provides a natural pink or flushed appearance to the face. The product contains  SPF 30.

No Mascara Mascara: I am loving this mascara and it has become one of my top favorite mascaras. It is designed with a 2-sided root to tip brush which defines and lifts lashes providing the look of longer, fuller lashes. The best way to apply this mascara is to first use the short bristles at the lash root to help build thickness and volume. After allowing the lashes to dry, rotate the brush and use the comb on the lashes to lengthen, separate and define. Allow the lashes to fully dry before re-applying to achieve desired look.

No Lipstick Lipstick: This is my overall favorite product from the entire collection. I absolutely love the natural color when applied and the moisture that it provides to the lips. This product has been a great add to my everyday collection. It includes a Broad Spectrum SPF of 15.

In addition to the ‘No Makeup Skincare Collection’ package I purchased from Sephora I also purchased the No Bronzer Bronzer from Perricone MD to fully try out all the makeup products that are available.

No Bronzer Bronzer: This product can be a little difficult to apply. But after some practice I got the hang of it. I found that not a lot of product is needed when applying. This should be applied right beneath your cheekbone where you would normally contour. I would recommend to start dotting on the product from the top near your hairline and working towards the mouth. If you are finding that using your fingers is difficult try using a microfiber brush to blend the product out. Remember, the overall look here is natural. You do not want any harsh lines. So make sure you blend, blend, blend honey!

Which product from the Perricone MD ‘No Makeup Skincare Collection’ is your favorite?


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