Chicago Shoe Market Expo: Exciting New Trends!


I had so much fun checking out the upcoming shoe and handbag trends for fall 2016, and even a sneak peek of spring 2017, at the Chicago Shoe Market Expo. If you know me well, you know I love me some shoes! I was able to meet with so many brands and checked out some of the latest styles that will be coming out soon!

The Kristin Cavallari by Chinese Laundry collection really stood out to me. I seriously wanted to buy the entire collection. There is a lot of great summer to fall transitional pieces; everything from the open toe booties, to the backless wedges, and the neutral colors. I’m personally loving the roebuck color (reflects rose gold in sunlight). The collection provides comfort in the variety of heel styles — everything from flats, to wedges, to a flared heel. I can’t wait to share what I ordered from there! 😀


Below is a sneak preview to the spring 2017 collection that will be available in February! Loving the metallic colors and slip on shoes!


I discovered a handbag line at the Expo that I am loving! Hammitt is a luxury brand based out of LA. What really stood out to me about their bags is the hardware! A bag with a lot of hardware gives off such a luxury feel, and I have to say that Hammitt does it right! My personal favorite was the Montana Reversible Crossbody. Yes, you read that’s reversible and comes in a range of colors. The bag itself is very roomy and has a lot of compartments for storage. One of my favorite features is the four-way adjustable strap. This bag is very versatile and would make a great everyday bag.


I also loved the ALL BLACK shoe collection. You may have noticed this brand carried at Anthropologie or Urban Outfitters. They have a retro inspired style and provide great comfort with their innovative “Soft Sole” construction. I tested out many of their shoes and I have to say that they were extremely soft and well cushioned to the touch. If you are searching for fashion forward pieces but still want comfort for all day wear, this brand is perfect.


All in all, be on the look out for open toe booties, neutral colors like roebuck, lots of hardware, and fashion forward shoes with comfort for fall!

Which shoe and handbag trend are you excited for?


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