Pink Pleated Skirt


I have really been enjoying wearing winter skirts during these colder days. My last post was a pleated skirt as well. Check it out here! In this OOTD, I am wearing a bold pink color which is typically seen in spring and summer. But the heavier material and contrasting it with a dark color makes it perfect for the winter season. I paired my skirt with a crop turtle neck shirt that hits exactly at the hips, accessorized with gold jewelry, and threw on my favorite Chelsea boots!

Shirt | Skirt (on sale! Also comes in black!) | Boots (your favorite Chelsea boots!)


What do you think of this look?!


Olive Pleated Skirt


My favorite fall outfit is one that I can wear a beautiful skirt with boots! It’s glamorous when you’re trying to be and it even works when you’re trying to be casual. As you can guess, I am obsessing over today’s #OOTD. First, let’s talk about the skirt. Olive is a great color for fall. It’s one of those colors, along with burgundy and mustard, that you mostly see around this time of year. Olive plays as a neutral and can be paired with a lot of colors such as khaki, black, and grey as I did here in this post. Wearing a more fitted top works great for tucking shirts into a skirt. This particular skirt isn’t full length and is why I decided to wear mid-calf boots. I think it would also look great with chelsea boots worn with some panty hose for warmth for those cooler days! I threw on my favorite fedora as a statement piece!

Skirt | Shirt | Boots | Hat (old), Similar 1, Similar 2, Similar 3,


Do you like to wear skirts in the fall?!


How To: DIY Custom Patch Jacket


Patch jackets are in and everywhere! Since I grew up in the 90s, I was so excited to see this come back into style! As I started to search for my very own patch jacket, I never seemed to find one that I liked. It was either overly patched, or there wasn’t enough patches, or not every patch was perfect. Then I thought, “hey HAZ, why not make your own?!” Thrilled with the idea, I started my own little DIY custom patch jacket and wanted to share how I did it!

1. The first step is to select your canvas. Don’t think a denim jacket is your only choice! Get creative! Try a camo button down, or even a bomber jacket! I was deciding between an oversized denim jacket and this cute camo button down. I decided to go with the denim jacket. For the perfect oversized look, I picked this one up from the men’s section at Levi’s!dsc_0003

2. Now it’s the fun part! Find patches that you want on your jacket. They can describe your personality, make strong statements, or they can be things that you find funny and cute! The key is to find patches that scream YOU!dsc_0006

A great place to find patches is Etsy! Here are the links to the patches that I used:

  1. Palestine “To2borni” Patch
  2. Palestine Flag Heart Pin
  3. Route 66
  4. Hamsa Hand
  5. All You Need Is Love
  6. Drake Hotline Bling Dance
  7. Letter H
  8. Fight Racism
  9. Custom Name Patch on Heart (LOVE THIS ONE! I put my hub’s name on it!)
  10. Red Rose

3. The next step is to place and pin your patches! This is a great way to try different placements, try on your jacket, and see how everything looks without it being permanent. Once you find the perfect placements, you can sew or iron on your patches. I decided to sew on my patches rather than iron, because I wanted the flexibility of changing things up in the future. dsc_0007

And there you go, your very own, personalized patch jacket! Wasn’t that easy?!! I’m so excited to continue to build mine out and find patches that really suit me! Don’t worry, I will always keep you updated on my new finds! Be sure to follow my Instagram at Haz_Style for the scoop!





What do you think of patch jackets?!



Sleeveless Trench


Hi everyone! This is going to be a short blog post! I just returned from traveling and I’m sick as a dog! Lots of rest and fluids for me at the moment. Let’s talk about this outfit. I have been on the hunt for a maxi sleeveless trench, and I finally got my hands on one! Oddly, it was very difficult finding one in a maxi length that was not black! Have you found any? I really wanted it in a longer length because in my opinion, I think it is more versatile. I wore mine with a black bodycon maxi dress. Sleeveless trenches are great transitional pieces and for layering. I threw on some strappy flats and a black choker to accessorize.

Trench | Dress | Shoes (not available), Similar | Choker














What do you think of the sleeveless trench?


Statement Jewelry With Stella & Dot


I LOVE changing up an old outfit by wearing statement jewelry. It’s an easy, but drastic way to take an outfit that you have worn countless of times, and bring something new to the table. The easiest way to do this is with a simple outfit like this black bodycon dress I have on! I decided to glam up this dress by pairing it with some statement jewelry pieces. Check out this beautiful necklace and earrings from Stella & Dot! I love the mix of leather, vintage gold, and that pop of green! What I particularly love about these earrings and necklace is how versatile they are! Can you guess how many different ways they can be worn?!

Necklace | Earrings

1) Wear the leather collar necklace with matching chandelier earrings!


2) Add the pendant for a bold look!


3) Turn the necklace around and show off the gold chain!



4) Remove the earrings and rock the necklace only!






5) Turn that chain around with no earrings!



6) Remove the tassel to create a beautiful stud earring!



7) Remove the pendant to create a subtle collar necklace!



Which style is your favorite? Tell me!

Thank you Hanadee, my stylist from Stella & Dot, for sending me these beautiful statement pieces! I am excited to rock all of these looks! You can find Hanadee’s contact and direct website here!


Cream & Nude


It seems the fashion faux pas “never wear white after Labor Day” has evolved into a fashion grail that is now worn year round. I love wearing monochromatic outfits; whether it is one color or one print. Wearing all white happens to be my favorite! There’s something about a crisp white outfit that looks so chic! During the cooler months, I like to soften my whites with more creams and nudes, as I did in this #OOTD. I paired the outfit with gold, sparkly shoes and a nude trench.

Sweater | Trousers (old), shop similar 1 , similar 2 | Shoes (old), shop similar | Trench, shop similar


What do you think about wearing white after labor day?


Essential Striped Shirt


It’s all about stripes on today’s blog! A high quality striped shirt is an essential piece that everyone needs in their closet. It can be worn year round and in so many different ways. In the spring and summer, I tuck it into a maxi skirt or into high-waisted jeans.  And in the Fall, I love wearing it beneath a blazer or a jean jacket! I’ve even mixed prints with my striped shirts. See my Mixing Patterns & Prints blog here for some ideas!

In this post, I decided to keep it simple, and paired it with some of my favorite jeans. I added a cute neck tie as a statement piece and some comfy wedges. I especially love my striped shirt from Me+Em because of the sleeve length. This makes the shirt extremely versatile and can easily be worn year round. I also like the ruched detailing on the sides because it provides some definition.

Here are some other cute options to help you add this essential piece to your closet:

  1. Jcrew: Italian cashmere long-sleeve T-shirt in stripe
  2. Jcrew: Boatneck T-shirt in dotted stripes
  3. Jcrew: Tissue turtleneck T-shirt in stripe
  4. Gap: Modern stripe boatneck tee
  5. H&M: Ribbed Top
  6. F21: Constrast Collar Striped Shirt


Shirt (comes in many colors!) | Denim (old), Similar | Shoes


How do you wear your striped shirt?!