How To: DIY Custom Patch Jacket


Patch jackets are in and everywhere! Since I grew up in the 90s, I was so excited to see this come back into style! As I started to search for my very own patch jacket, I never seemed to find one that I liked. It was either overly patched, or there wasn’t enough patches, or not every patch was perfect. Then I thought, “hey HAZ, why not make your own?!” Thrilled with the idea, I started my own little DIY custom patch jacket and wanted to share how I did it!

1. The first step is to select your canvas. Don’t think a denim jacket is your only choice! Get creative! Try a camo button down, or even a bomber jacket! I was deciding between an oversized denim jacket and this cute camo button down. I decided to go with the denim jacket. For the perfect oversized look, I picked this one up from the men’s section at Levi’s!dsc_0003

2. Now it’s the fun part! Find patches that you want on your jacket. They can describe your personality, make strong statements, or they can be things that you find funny and cute! The key is to find patches that scream YOU!dsc_0006

A great place to find patches is Etsy! Here are the links to the patches that I used:

  1. Palestine “To2borni” Patch
  2. Palestine Flag Heart Pin
  3. Route 66
  4. Hamsa Hand
  5. All You Need Is Love
  6. Drake Hotline Bling Dance
  7. Letter H
  8. Fight Racism
  9. Custom Name Patch on Heart (LOVE THIS ONE! I put my hub’s name on it!)
  10. Red Rose

3. The next step is to place and pin your patches! This is a great way to try different placements, try on your jacket, and see how everything looks without it being permanent. Once you find the perfect placements, you can sew or iron on your patches. I decided to sew on my patches rather than iron, because I wanted the flexibility of changing things up in the future. dsc_0007

And there you go, your very own, personalized patch jacket! Wasn’t that easy?!! I’m so excited to continue to build mine out and find patches that really suit me! Don’t worry, I will always keep you updated on my new finds! Be sure to follow my Instagram at Haz_Style for the scoop!





What do you think of patch jackets?!